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Globx Motion Sensor Documentation

We release GlobX (USB Motion Sensor) information in wiki format.

GlobX USB sensor features:

  • Confidently detects human movement in 5m zone.
  • Programmable hysteresis for change motion sensor sensitivity.
  • Programmable motion track interval.
  • Programmable keyboard macros (keystrokes) on motion and temperature events.
  • Light signaling on human detection.
  • Built-in temperature sensor.
  • Two embedded 1C relays for trigger events or control functions.
  • Сonfigurable watchdog timer used to prevent the application “hangs”.
  • Works in Windows/Linux/MS-DOS.
  • Cost preserve proposition for “embedded version” without enclosure.

You can order it at the our main site: www.kslemb.com

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2012/04/17 11:28 · 4 Comments

USB to Serial Converter

 USB to Serial converter  USB to Serial converter


  • 12Mbps Full Speed Device
  • Two standard COM Ports
  • RS-232 interface
  • Galvanic isolation up to 2,5kV
  • Short circuit protection for the interface lines
  • Hardware and Software flow control
  • Support speed on serial port up to 460 Kbps
  • Powered by USB bus
  • LED signalization of data exchange
  • Available drivers for Linux and Windows

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2012/01/22 13:36 · Konstantin Vovk · 3 Comments

Cortex M0 for wireless communication

 LPC1227 Cortex-M0 wireless solution

Cortex-M0 WSN Platform for creating WSN:

  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Low power
  • Based on NXP LPC1227
  • TI CC1101 transceiver
  • On-board 8K I2C EEPROM
  • UART0 for communication
  • Additional USB board
  • Connectors for Breadboard
  • SMA antena connector
  • Low cost !!!

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Connecting CashCode MVU validator to PC

CashCode MVU This is simple example how to connect the CashCode MVU bill validator to PC via USB. All modern PC motherboards comes with a limited number of asynchronous serial ports, which complicates the connection of the payment peripheral devices with serial interface. Next, we describe how to use inexpensive interface converter USB-UART for connecting MVU bill validator to USB.

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New waveID Mifare RFID module

waveID Mifare module

Features Coming soon!!!

2011/11/03 12:44 · Konstantin Vovk · 3 Comments

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